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Bespoke communication services. Dropinka®: couturier communications

Words and ideas are the raw materials of communication. Many different fabrics (persuasion, translation, information) are united by a common thread: Dropinka®, for your bespoke communication.

Dropinka® is not an agency, but an independent professional personally offering you a full range of communication services – so you can rely on just one point of reference. That means you’ll save time and get service that’s been crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail to fit you like a glove.

Dropinka® is Claudia Benetello: copywriter, translator, interpreter, journalist – Italy

Claudia Benetello is an independent professional based in Milan, offering an array of communication services.

Copywriter for origination and transcreation (various industries)

Claudia Benetello prefers to call herself an artisan of communication rather than a freelance copywriter: she writes your advertising and marketing copy directly in Italian (origination) or can adapt it from English or German for the Italian market (transcreation). Online, offline and for any industry.

Translator and interpreter (music industry)

Claudia Benetello is a professional translator and interpreter who specializes in music. Combining her experience as a journalist and publicist in the music field with her training as a conference interpreter, she offers translations from English and German to Italian, and can help you with Italian-English interpreting services.

Journalist (music and other fields)

Claudia Benetello is a journalist and member of the Italian Journalists Association. She specializes in music and has interviewed artists such as Wyclef Jean, Pat Metheny and Simple Minds, but can also assist with corporate communication projects (press releases, company profiles and other information) and brand journalism in other fields.

Copywriting e transcreation

Creation of advertising and promotional copy in Italian, or adapted from English and German

Above the line: TV ads, radio ads, print ads, out-of-home

Below the line: brochures, newsletters, flyers, direct mail marketing

Web content

Translation and interpreting

English ⇒ Italian
German ⇒ Italian
translation for the music industry: press releases, biographies, articles, books

English ⇒ Italian
Italian ⇒ English
interpreting for the music industry: press conferences, roundtables, interviews, meetings


Reviews, interviews, feature articles

  • Anyone who translates our conversations with artists has a fundamental but tricky task. That person needs to follow the thread of the journalists’ discussion (and it’s not that simple). And can’t miss a beat in the interview. With Claudia, I participated in press conferences with hugely popular and often long-winded, complicated and abstruse artists. She was always focused and precise, transforming words that were sometimes meaningless, leading nowhere, into sentences that made sense! That’s the secret of a great interpreter. It was a real privilege to meet her again at roundtables (her colleagues don’t always guarantee the same accuracy).
    Paolo GiordanoIl Giornale
  • Music enjoyed some great times in Italy. Many international artists came here to present records, tours and initiatives, surrounded by lots of people, information, encounters and experiences. Claudia was often the (great) interpreter of those interviews, giving reporters and trade journalists a huge hand. I’m happy to remember this today, now that these opportunities don’t arise nearly as often because of the crisis in the record industry. Thanks again, Claudia, for your work as an effective and passionate professional.
    Enzo GentileMusic journalist, writer and critic
  • I couldn’t have interviewed Roger Waters, the great Roger Waters, without Claudia Benetello. Her translation of the lyrics from the record Is This The Life We Really Want? and then of the interview that Waters gave Jon Pareles of The New York Times was invaluable. The same holds true for the subtitles of my video interview. Claudia is both excellent and meticulous. Plus she’s fast, which doesn’t hurt. Mentioning her in the written interview as well as the one on video, both of which published by Il Fatto Quotidiano, came naturally, the right thing to do. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to next time.
    Andrea ScanziJournalist and writer
  • Claudia is a seasoned professional who is very creative, but she also has all the theoretical tools essential for copywriting and transcreation. I attended one of her workshops, which was extremely interesting and useful, but I also had the chance to work with her on a copywriting project (a national radio campaign for a luxury cosmetics brand). Claudia was able to interpret the client’s brief, which was changed several times during the project, and offer various proposals within the established timeframe. Needless to say, the campaign was a success!
    Mariapaola Dell’OrtoNetworks
  • Claudia really knows how to handle foreign-language copy, rewrite in Italian and make it resonate with the target audience. She’s a skilled copywriter and a very efficient one. Highly recommended!
    Christina LeonidouPowersave Solutions

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