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Bespoke communication services. Dropinka®: couturier communications

Words and ideas are the raw materials of communication. Many different fabrics (persuasion, translation, information) are united by a common thread: Dropinka®, for your bespoke communication.

Dropinka® is not an agency, but an independent professional personally offering you a full range of communication services – so you can rely on just one point of reference. That means you’ll save time and get service that’s been crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail to fit you like a glove.

Dropinka® is Claudia Benetello: copywriter, translator, interpreter, journalist – Italy

Claudia Benetello is an independent professional based in Milan, offering an array of communication services.

Copywriter for origination and transcreation (various industries)

Claudia Benetello prefers to call herself an artisan of communication rather than a freelance copywriter: she writes your advertising and marketing copy directly in Italian (origination) or can adapt it from English or German for the Italian market (transcreation). Online, offline and for any industry.

Translator and interpreter (music industry)

Claudia Benetello is a professional translator and interpreter who specializes in music. Combining her experience as a journalist and publicist in the music field with her training as a conference interpreter, she offers translations from English and German to Italian, and can help you with Italian-English interpreting services.

Journalist (music and other fields)

Claudia Benetello is a journalist and member of the Italian Journalists Association. She specializes in music and has interviewed artists such as Wyclef Jean, Pat Metheny and Simple Minds, but can also assist with corporate communication projects (press releases, company profiles and other information) and brand journalism in other fields.

Copywriting e transcreation

Creation of advertising and promotional copy in Italian, or adapted from English and German

Above the line: TV ads, radio ads, print ads, out-of-home

Below the line: brochures, newsletters, flyers, direct mail marketing

Web content

Translation and interpreting

English ⇒ Italian
German ⇒ Italian
translation for the music industry: press releases, biographies, articles, books

English ⇒ Italian
Italian ⇒ English
interpreting for the music industry: press conferences, roundtables, interviews, meetings


Reviews, interviews, feature articles

  • Following our company’s rebranding, we hired Claudia to collaborate on the transcreation of our corporate brochures. It wasn’t just about translating the copy, but also making it culturally relevant for the intended audience – all the while respecting our corporate identity. Well, she did an excellent job in accurately reflecting our identity, both on a linguistic and conceptual level. We consider Claudia to be a very valuable partner who we will trust with our future projects as well.
    Barbara PerazzoloTechnoform
  • I attended more than one of Claudia’s seminars and, given my nature, I never would have signed up for a second one if I hadn’t been more than satisfied with the first. Claudia is an expert copywriter and translator in an industry that’s of great interest to me and is on the rise, at least in my humble opinion. Claudia gets straight to the point, avoids fluff, and delivers to her listeners the experience she’s acquired over years of working in the field of transcreation. I’m happy to have met her, both professionally and personally. Ad maiora.
    Pamela BrizzolaTranslator and interpreter
  • I met Claudia in 2013 during one of her transcreation seminars. I was truly impressed by her professionalism, expertise, creativity and ability to explain the contents in a clear, stimulating manner. When she organized a workshop in 2018 I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by! A wonderful experience. Well done, Claudia! Until next time!
    Fabrizia FossatiTranslator
  • I had the pleasure of working with Claudia on an important and delicate project. She was precise, prompt and open, and immediately established an excellent rapport with the artist she was interpreting, which is very important and doesn’t happen every day. We will unquestionably work together again in the future. The fact that she is passionate about music and knows exactly what she’s doing when she’s working between artist and journalist is essential and makes a difference, since a translation error can create problems in terms of communication.
    Jessica GaibottiUniversal Music
  • Sometimes a few choice words are all it takes to clarify the concept that’s whirling around in your head, though you’re not sure how to say it. With simple yet incisive words, Claudia managed to express what our company felt and what it believed in.
    Stefania LovisonComete Gioielli

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