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Bespoke communication services. Dropinka®: couturier communications

When you choose to communicate, you do it for a reason.

You communicate because you want to persuade people to do something, or simply improve your brand perception. You communicate to take your products across borders, so you need to make yourself understood by people speaking a different language than your own. Or you communicate to let people know about something, i.e. to inform.

Communications is a fabric made of different textures. Persuasion, translation and information are the three textures of communications I deal with. And through my work, I myself am its common thread.

I’m not an agency, but an independent professional personally offering you a full range of communication services – so you can rely on just one contact. That means you’ll save time and get a service that’s been crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail to fit you like a glove.

Claudia Benetello professionista comunicazione

Claudia Benetello: copywriter, translator, interpreter, journalist – Italy

I’m a freelance professional based in Milan, offering an array of communication services.

Italian copywriter for origination and transcreation

I prefer to call myself an artisan of communication rather than a freelance copywriter: I write your advertising and marketing copy directly in Italian (origination) or can adapt it from English or German for the Italian market (transcreation). Online, offline and for any industry.

Italian translator and interpreter

I’m a professional translator and interpreter specialized in music. Combining my experience as a journalist and publicist in the music field with my training as a conference interpreter, I offer translations from English and German to Italian, and can help you with Italian-English interpreting services.

Italian journalist

I’m a journalist and member of the Italian Journalists Association. I started out as a music journalist and I’ll be happy to help you with corporate communication and brand journalism projects in other fields as well.

Watch the video and discover all my services in 90 seconds.

Copywriting e transcreation

Creation of advertising and promotional copy in Italian, or adapted from English and German

Above the line: TV ads, radio ads, print ads, out-of-home

Below the line: brochures, newsletters, flyers, direct mail marketing

Web content

Translation and interpreting

English ⇒ Italian
German ⇒ Italian
translation for the music industry: press releases, biographies, articles, books

English ⇒ Italian
Italian ⇒ English
interpreting for the music industry: press conferences, roundtables, interviews, meetings


Interviews, feature articles and more

Some samples of my work?

  • Claudia’s attention to detail, rich linguistic knowledge, and impeccable communication style make her a joy to work with! Having worked together on numerous production rounds, I am constantly delighted by Claudia’s skill, empathy, and work philosophy. I can unreservedly recommend her as a partner for any communications project.
    Ieva DobilaitėVinted
  • I had the opportunity to see Claudia in action during a round table via Zoom with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Not only was she a perfect interpreter, translating from English to Italian and back again quickly and accurately, but she also managed to moderate the virtual meeting with professionalism and empathy. Coordinating timing and people is not easy, especially when you’re not in the same room, but the event went brilliantly. It was clear that, in addition to knowing the language, Claudia was also familiar with the topic and was a music fan. Her presence undoubtedly made the interview easier and even more memorable.
    Barbara VisentinCorriere della Sera
  • Claudia’s Transcreation Workshop was incredibly inspiring and very comprehensive. She is a good speaker and her presentation was dynamic and engaging. Claudia highlighted relevant aspects of what we aim to do at FARFETCH and we were pleased to have the possibility to further discuss this topic with her during the Q&A session.
    Ute KlöpperFARFETCH
  • Claudia is a very intelligent and effective copywriter, she really is amazing. I have often had to deal with complex advertising copy – thanks to Claudia's intervention, I have had many happy clients. She can understand the deep meaning of a sentence and accurately research it, explain it, twist it and repackage it as an effective solution.
    Vincenzo AlbanoMcCann London
  • Sometimes a few choice words are all it takes to clarify the concept that’s whirling around in your head, though you’re not sure how to say it. With simple yet incisive words, Claudia managed to express what our company felt and what it believed in.
    Stefania LovisonComete Gioielli
  • I had the pleasure of working with Claudia on an important and delicate project. She was precise, prompt and open, and immediately established an excellent rapport with the artist she was interpreting, which is very important and doesn’t happen every day. We will unquestionably work together again in the future. The fact that she is passionate about music and knows exactly what she’s doing when she’s working between artist and journalist is essential and makes a difference, since a translation error can create problems in terms of communication.
    Jessica GaibottiUniversal Music
  • I couldn’t have interviewed Roger Waters, the great Roger Waters, without Claudia Benetello. Her translation of the lyrics from the record Is This The Life We Really Want? and then of the interview that Waters gave Jon Pareles of The New York Times was invaluable. The same holds true for the subtitles of my video interview. Claudia is both excellent and meticulous. Plus she’s fast, which doesn’t hurt. Mentioning her in the written interview as well as the one on video, both of which published by Il Fatto Quotidiano, came naturally, the right thing to do. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to next time.
    Andrea ScanziJournalist and writer
  • Claudia is a seasoned professional who is very creative, but she also has all the theoretical tools essential for copywriting and transcreation. I attended one of her workshops, which was extremely interesting and useful, but I also had the chance to work with her on a copywriting project (a national radio campaign for a luxury cosmetics brand). Claudia was able to interpret the client’s brief, which was changed several times during the project, and offer various proposals within the established timeframe. Needless to say, the campaign was a success!
    Mariapaola Dell’OrtoNetworks

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