About me

It’s written Dropinka®, but it’s read Claudia Benetello

Dropinka® is Claudia Benetello, and not only because Dropinka® isn’t an agency but a freelance professional. Dropinka is also the nickname used by all the women in the family of her mother, an Italian of Croatian origins who passed away in distant 1998. This brand name was chosen as a tribute to her.

Claudia Benetello is a freelance professional who offers a full range of communication services. A freelance journalist and member of the Italian Journalists Association, she’s also part of the Italian Translators and Interpreters Association (AITI) and the Professional Copywriters’ Network. If you’re looking for an expert for your projects involving copywriting, transcreation, translation, interpreting and journalism, you’ve found the right person.

What makes her different from the others?

Choosing just the right external consultant isn’t easy. On paper – that is, on the web – freelance professionals might all seem alike. Maybe deep down you’re even thinking, “One’s as good as any other.” Claudia Benetello is different, though. And she’ll prove it to you even before you have the chance to meet her in person.

The past: background in a full range of communication services

The acquired expertise that Claudia Benetello puts at your disposal today is the result of a highly developed educational path and professional career, which she’s constant refreshing. With a degree in Political Science focusing on communications, she completed a Master’s in Music Communications for the Recording Industry and Media, an Advanced Training Course in Italian <> English Interpreting Techniques and a Master’s in Copywriting and Advertising Communications. After acquiring professional experience as a project manager at the Ambrosetti consultancy firm and as promotion manager at the Friends & Partners concert agency, in 2005 she launched her own business, Dropinka®.

The present: a communications professional for 15 years

As a freelance professional, Claudia Benetello initially worked as a publicist, translator and music journalist. Over the years, though, her business has changed remarkably; while on the one hand Claudia left behind her press office activities, on the other hand she acquired further skills that allowed her to expand her offer. Added to translation were other linguistic services, such as transcreation and interpreting, while from journalism in the strict sense she branched out into brand journalism and copywriting.

Over the course of her independent career she’s translated U2’s autobiography, been an interpreter for Noel Gallagher, interviewed Simple Minds and written advertising and promotional copy in a vast range of industries, directly in Italian or as transcreation from English and German. Since 2012 she’s given presentations and seminars on transcreation in Italy and abroad, and is the author of publications on the topic.

In her 15 years working alongside national and international clients, Claudia-Dropinka® has developed specific know-how for each kind of service offered, which has grown hand in hand with the overall view of her communications activities. And this is what makes the difference. In Claudia you’ll find a highly specialized partner who, by capitalizing on the synergy among the different yet connected fields in which she operates, creates added value for you.

The future: the right partner for the projects you care about most

Claudia Benetello is the consultant to turn to for projects in which the stakes are high and you can’t afford to take risks. But you don’t need to take her word for it. Just listen to the many people who have had the opportunity to appreciate her talent. Or would you rather look at the many projects she’s carried out for each of the services she’s offered? After all, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words.