Claudia Benetello, professional Italian copywriter

I prefer to call myself an artisan of communication rather than a freelance copywriter. I write advertising copy directly in Italian for all media—from radio to internet—to promote products and services in virtually all industries.

I have solid professional experience under by belt, but also specific postgraduate university training.

I took my first steps as a copywriter in 2003, when I worked as a promotion manager at the Friends & Partners concert agency, where I was responsible for promoting the tours of such artists as Pino Daniele, Antonello Venditti, Niccolò Fabi, Elisa, Biagio Antonacci and others. It was there that I wrote my first commercials (that is, promos) for radio and TV.

In 2005 I became an independent professional copywriter and began to work with Italian and international companies and agencies.

Meanwhile I continued to invest in ongoing professional education by attending copywriting courses in Italy and abroad. To further hone my skills, in 2017 I completed a specialist Master’s in Copywriting and Advertising Communications at IULM University in Milan, with classes at the prestigious Miami Ad School as part of the programme.

Copywriter for origination and transcreation

To capture consumers’ hearts with your product or service, you need a professional who knows how to communicate in the way that most effectively, most fittingly expresses your uniqueness.

As a copywriter, I write advertising copy by crafting texts directly in Italian (copywriting, in the strict sense of the term, also called origination) or by adapting them in Italian from English or German (transcreation, a service halfway between copywriting and translation). For the former, I create the text from scratch; for the latter, there’s an existing text, from which I take inspiration to produce an Italian version.

Based on your brief, I’ll skilfully adopt the communication strategy and writing techniques most suitable for achieving your objectives, shifting easily and smoothly between different types of copy:

  • Taglines
  • TV ads: copy for television commercials
  • Radio ads: copy for radio commercials
  • Print media: copy for advertorials and ads in newspapers, magazines and trade publications
  • Billboards: copy for outdoor advertisements
  • Brochures and flyers: copy for marketing materials
  • Web copywriting: copy for Internet sites

As an origination and transcreation copywriter, I have experience in a wide variety of industries. Yours is doubtlessly among them.

  • Audio: hi-fi systems
  • Chemicals: chemical companies
  • Consumer electronics: electrical appliances
  • Consumer goods: products for personal and home care
  • Corporate consulting: business consultancy companies
  • Cosmetics: makeup and beauty products
  • Dining: restaurant chains
  • Fashion: clothing and accessory brands, luxury outlets
  • Finance: credit institutions, investment companies
  • Food & drink: snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • IT: hardware and software
  • Luxury: perfume, fashion and jewellery
  • Oil & gas: oil companies
  • Pharmaceuticals: prescription and non-prescription medications

What does a copywriter do?

Becoming a professional copywriter doubtlessly requires an excellent command of the language and great stylistic sensitivity. More importantly, though, a good copywriter is capable of lateral thinking while also expressing a brand’s personality in the most incisive way possible.

Truly effective advertising can persuade the public by communicating in a way that’s memorable. On the basis of the brief I receive from you, I’ll offer you creative ideas that are consistent with the message to be conveyed and with the brand’s identity, ultimately producing tailor-made copy that fully reflects your brand. When you choose me, you can be sure that your garment has been specially tailored just for you.

Why choose an Italian copywriter like me?

  • No intermediaries: I’m not a communications agency but an independent professional who personally carries out each copywriting project. This means you’ll save time and get a service that’s been rigorously hand-crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail to fit you like a glove.
  • Empathy: I’m immediately attuned to you and your needs. This means words that truly represent you.
  • Versatility: I cater to all your needs, shifting easily and smoothly between different types of copy and industries.
  • Respect: I write and edit everything independently, but with constant feedback from you. And, naturally, you always have the last word.

Wondering if you can trust me?

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How much does it cost?

Every copywriting project is unique. Contact me for a customised quotation, with no obligation.

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