I am deeply in love with my job. And I’d like you to get to know it better.

I always have a bit of trouble when people ask me what I do.

I tell them I work for myself, and they assume I’m an entrepreneur.
No, I say. I’m an independent communications consultant.

“Ah, so you run an advertising agency?”, they venture.
No, I say. I’m not an agency. I work alone. I don’t have employees or co-workers.

“Yes, but… what exactly do you do?”

You want the short answer? I write and I speak.

And the long answer? I offer many communications services, namely copywriting, transcreation, translation, interpreting and journalism. Read the articles below to learn more about me and my approach.

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    The importance of voice overs in TV spots

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    Launching an international app in Italy: Vinted’s ad campaign

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    Using tone of voice within B2B communications: Emmi Dessert Italia case study

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    Transcreation: translation and copywriting combined

  • Superheroes, series, and advertising translation: The Boys case study

  • Transcreating pre-roll ads for the automotive industry: Volvo case study

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    When translation is not enough: Transcreation as a convention-defying practice

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    Making your voice heard: dubbing and voice over direction

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