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Dropinka® Couturier Communications

Dropinka® is Claudia Benetello, an independent professional based in Milan who offers an array of communication services in various fields. Claudia is a copywriter for origination and transcreation (various fields), a translator and interpreter (music industry), and a journalist (music industry and more).

Communication services

Dropinka® is not a communications agency, but a freelance professional specializing in copywriting for origination and transcreation, translating (from English and German into Italian) and interpreting (Italian/English) for the music industry, and journalism (for the music industry and more).


Claudia Benetello works with transcreation, meaning the adaptation of advertising and marketing copy from English and German into Italian. In other words, she rewrites advertising and marketing copy in a different language with respect to the original.
Because of her great experience and expertise, Claudia Benetello is often invited to speak and hold seminars on transcreation in Italy and abroad.

Translator from English and German into Italian

Claudia Benetello is a professional translator who works from English and German into Italian in the music field. She translates press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, biographical profiles of musicians and bands, books (music critiques as well as the biographies and autobiographies of artists), audio and video interviews, and lyrics.

– English/Italian interpreter

Claudia Benetello is a professional interpreter with the expertise to provide live English/Italian translations about everything revolving around music. She offers consecutive, simultaneous and whispered (chuchotage) interpreting, and works at press conferences, roundtables and interviews (periodicals, radio and television) with international artists.

Music publicist

From 2005 to 2010 Claudia Benetello handled press offices for the music industry.


Some of Claudia Benetello’s work by service: copywriting, transcreation, translations, interpreting, journalism.


The opinions and references from those who, since 2005, have successfully turned to Claudia Benetello for copywriting and transcreation (advertising), translations and interpreting (music), and journalism (music).

Who is Claudia Benetello

Dropinka® is Claudia Benetello.


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