David Katan

Many years ago, Claudia was very probably the first translator to hand me her “transcreator” business card, and I was more than interested to hear her talk of how she had transcreated the Norton AntiVirus software tagline for the Italian market. Since then I have constantly followed her presentations, talks and publications. Both her content and style convinced me that she perfectly encompassed “the added value” of a competent and creative professional translator. So, I was very fortunate that between her real work she also took the time out to write an excellent article on “the translator plus” for my own peer-reviewed journal Cultus in 2021, where she talks of her own experience adding value to translation and to interpreting. In 2022, at a roundtable we were both involved in, she introduced herself as a communications all-rounder – which is exactly what she is, and still with an unparalleled passion for improving communication.

Ieva Dobilaitė

Claudia’s attention to detail, rich linguistic knowledge, and impeccable communication style make her a joy to work with! Having worked together on numerous production rounds, I am constantly delighted by Claudia’s skill, empathy, and work philosophy. I can unreservedly recommend her as a partner for any communications project.

Alex Katz

Claudia is an excellent professional and was a great help to our agency in helping to transcreate content for an Italian client. She also provided us with invaluable assistance in helping us encounter the correct cultural context for much of the dialogue and situations in our proposal. I would definitely recommend her services!

Valeria Borgia

Claudia is an outstanding translator and copy writer. Having had the pleasure to work together across several projects in the past few years, Claudia has always delivered impeccable work, with a professional and friendly attitude. Her attention to detail, coupled with an intuitive sense makes her the perfect partner for even the most complex jobs, where a certain amount of coordination is required across different parties.

Lisa Marie Terzariol

BBT SE is the European Public Limited Company in charge of building the Brenner Base Tunnel, a key element of the Trans-European Transport Network. Because we are an international, cross-border company, we have an in-house translation and interpreting department. Towards the end of 2022, we asked Claudia to hold a transcreation course for us, focusing on German into Italian. This was no small challenge, because our translation work has very little in common with glitz and marketing; it’s all about technology and engineering. Claudia did a fantastic job, using materials that were clearly carefully chosen and highly relevant to what we do, with an excellent balance between theory and practical work. Claudia is an exceptionally well-prepared professional and we will certainly work with her again.

Silvia Placì

A digital copywriter is a valuable professional to work with because their job is to communicate the beauty of the product they are describing to the user, inviting them to buy it. Claudia did a very good job with KIKO MILANO’s e-commerce websites: her accuracy, way of working and creativity helped her write perfect, high-performing product pages.

Livia Marazzi

I had the chance to experience Claudia’s professionalism, creativity and warmth during a series of webinars on transcreation that she held in collaboration with the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (ASTTI). The lessons were carefully prepared, and she provided a range of specially created materials in advance. They were very interactive and she made sure that the technology was in place so we could connect with each other and share our work. I found the deep dive into Claudia’s past work for big brands particularly interesting. A very worthwhile course, which has already yielded results!

Ute Klöpper

Claudia’s Transcreation Workshop was incredibly inspiring and very comprehensive. She is a good speaker and her presentation was dynamic and engaging. Claudia highlighted relevant aspects of what we aim to do at FARFETCH and we were pleased to have the possibility to further discuss this topic with her during the Q&A session.

Vincenzo Albano

Claudia is a very intelligent and effective copywriter, she really is amazing. I have often had to deal with complex advertising copy – thanks to Claudia's intervention, I have had many happy clients. She can understand the deep meaning of a sentence and accurately research it, explain it, twist it and repackage it as an effective solution.

Barbara Perazzolo

Following our company’s rebranding, we hired Claudia to collaborate on the transcreation of our corporate brochures. It wasn’t just about translating the copy, but also making it culturally relevant for the intended audience – all the while respecting our corporate identity. Well, she did an excellent job in accurately reflecting our identity, both on a linguistic and conceptual level. We consider Claudia to be a very valuable partner who we will trust with our future projects as well.

Stefania Lovison

Sometimes a few choice words are all it takes to clarify the concept that’s whirling around in your head, though you’re not sure how to say it. With simple yet incisive words, Claudia managed to express what our company felt and what it believed in.

Andrea Corsini

What impressed me most about Claudia, beyond her (remarkable!) human side, is how fast she processes input and how quickly she can finalise a spot-on proposal – no gimmicks, just substance. Reliable and capable, she’s the partner to count on for quality work.

Arianna Mocchetti

Working with Claudia was a real pleasure. She is a skilled, precise and prompt professional. I turned to her for some copywriting for the fashion industry and, despite the little information she was given and the briefs that were not very detailed, she always managed to best interpret the customer’s needs, grasping the essence. I hope to collaborate with her again many times and strongly recommend her.

Alexandra Sabato

I very much appreciate working with Claudia, who's precise, reliable and trustworthy, which means a lot to me. I warmly recommend her.

Francesco Menegoni

Claudia was fantastic with us: we asked for her help with a copywriting job at a time when we still weren’t sure what we were doing. She was able to listen and sum up our very confused ideas to create a professional, spot-on and effective work in terms of communication. We have maintained an excellent relationship because Claudia is a true professional. In addition to being extremely experienced, she referred us to excellent people when we had requests outside her field.

Valeria Mazziari Randazzo

In December 2015 Claudia held a seminar on two afternoons for the Italian-speaking group of Coop’s Language Service at the headquarters in Basel (Switzerland). The course was divided into two phases, one that was theoretical and analytical and the other practical, about translating and writing advertising slogans. We appreciated Claudia for her excellent speaking skills, her professionalism in addressing the various topics and the passion she puts into her work. I am very grateful to Claudia for this valuable opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, which enriched our group.

Gaia Parolini

Working with Claudia was an absolute pleasure. The working process was really smooth and she demonstrated collaborative qualities like proactivity, reliability, and positivity since the beginning. I would recommend working with Claudia to anyone. She is not only great at her job, but also a very kind and positive individual.