Dan Brooks

Claudia provided interpretation services for an interview I conducted in Milan on assignment for The New York Times. There are good interpreters and there are great interpreters, and Claudia was great. She translated not just the meaning of what the subject said but also the nuances of how he said it, which let me get colorful quotes rather than mere information. If you need high-level translation from a professional and personable interpreter, Claudia is the right choice.

Paolo Armelli

I observed Claudia working with Sarah Michelle Gellar during a packed schedule of interviews the actress gave in Milan to promote her new series. Not only was I impressed by the accuracy and eloquence of Claudia’s translation, but also by the genuine, empathetical relationship she immediately struck up with the great actress, demonstrating a chemistry and bond which made the way she interpreted even more effective.

Ferruccio Gattuso

In my over 25 years as a professional entertainment journalist for national newspapers, I can honestly say that Claudia is the best interpreter I’ve ever met. Working with her on an interview or roundtable with an international celebrity will guarantee a good job. Clear, detail-oriented, accurate and a people person — in short, she is a true professional and a lovely one at that. As industry professionals we couldn’t ask for more.

Massimo Cotto

I’m always wary of working with interpreters for my interviews with rockstars. Best case scenario: they do know the English language, but they don’t understand much about music and don’t prepare for the artist they will be translating for. Worst case scenario: they don’t even master the Italian language. During the Zoom meeting with Nothing But Thieves that she translated and moderated, Claudia was impeccable – one of the best I’ve ever met in my line of work. I hope our paths cross again more often.

Barbara Visentin

I had the opportunity to see Claudia in action during a round table via Zoom with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Not only was she a perfect interpreter, translating from English to Italian and back again quickly and accurately, but she also managed to moderate the virtual meeting with professionalism and empathy. Coordinating timing and people is not easy, especially when you’re not in the same room, but the event went brilliantly. It was clear that, in addition to knowing the language, Claudia was also familiar with the topic and was a music fan. Her presence undoubtedly made the interview easier and even more memorable.

Jessica Gaibotti

I had the pleasure of working with Claudia on an important and delicate project. She was precise, prompt and open, and immediately established an excellent rapport with the artist she was interpreting, which is very important and doesn’t happen every day. We will unquestionably work together again in the future. The fact that she is passionate about music and knows exactly what she’s doing when she’s working between artist and journalist is essential and makes a difference, since a translation error can create problems in terms of communication.

Paolo Giordano

Anyone who translates our conversations with artists has a fundamental but tricky task. That person needs to follow the thread of the journalists’ discussion (and it’s not that simple). And can’t miss a beat in the interview. With Claudia, I participated in press conferences with hugely popular and often long-winded, complicated and abstruse artists. She was always focused and precise, transforming words that were sometimes meaningless, leading nowhere, into sentences that made sense! That’s the secret of a great interpreter. It was a real privilege to meet her again at roundtables (her colleagues don’t always guarantee the same accuracy).

Enzo Gentile

Music enjoyed some great times in Italy. Many international artists came here to present records, tours and initiatives, surrounded by lots of people, information, encounters and experiences. Claudia was often the (great) interpreter of those interviews, giving reporters and trade journalists a huge hand. I’m happy to remember this today, now that these opportunities don’t arise nearly as often because of the crisis in the record industry. Thanks again, Claudia, for your work as an effective and passionate professional.

Francesca Binfarè

I had the chance to work with Claudia at various press conferences with foreign singers. If you know how to translate but aren’t familiar with the context or the person whose words you’re interpreting, what you’re saying serves no purpose. Claudia always knows all the details about the person in front of her. In our case – talking about music – she knows the singer’s genre, albums titles and all the stages of his or her career. And that’s when the translation definitely works! It has always been (and will be) a pleasure to work with her.

Mita Gironda

Claudia translated and interpreted Conchita Wurst’s language and ideas last year when she was in Italy to promote her record and book. She is a really outstanding interpreter.

Rob Eason

Claudia proved to be an invaluable resource as part of our team for a multi-week trip to Milan. Her music industry knowledge and professionalism are unparalleled, and she was key to us completing our project on time and on budget. I highly recommend her to anyone needing Italian translation and interpretation services in the music industry.

Carlo Mandelli

Claudia perfectly translated the questions the journalists’ questions to one of the most representative figures on the British music scene, as well as his answers, grasping all the different nuances. She was also very open and professional after the interviews, working separately in order to clarify points our colleagues had missed.