Dropinka®: couturier communications

Dropinka® is not a communications or advertising agency, but an independent professional based in Milan who personally offers you a full range of communication services.

Dropinka® is Claudia Benetello, a communications consultant who works in copywriting and transcreationtranslation and interpreting as well as journalism.

Too much? Not at all! Dropinka® is the common thread running through the fabric of communication (persuasion, translation, information). Drawing on different fields and areas of expertise, Dropinka® can help you most effectively communicate what best expresses your uniqueness. When you choose this boutique, you can be sure that your garment has been specially tailored just for you.

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Put yourself in the hands of a communications expert

Dropinka® is Claudia Benetello. She handles every single communications project: the person you talk to is the same one who then does the work. In short, no intermediaries. Since you can rely on just one point of reference for your projects, this means you’ll save and get service that’s been crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail to fit you like a glove.

Claudia Benetello has studied every aspect of communication: a degree in Political Science with a focus on communication, first-level master’s degree in Music Communication in the Record Industry and Media, post-grad course in Interpreting Techniques, and a specialist master’s degree in Copywriting and Advertising Communications. She has also obtained language certifications and taken dozens of refresher courses in Italy and abroad (because ongoing education is a must!).

During her freelance career, she has translated the autobiography of U2, interpreted for Robbie Williams, interviewed Simple Minds, and written advertising and marketing copy in a wide variety of fields, directly in Italian or as transcreation from English and German.

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Copywriting and transcreation

Creativity for your advertising.

What is your brand’s objective? Appealing to people. This is the aim of copywriting: to bring your product or services to the hearts of potential consumers. Dropinka® fully bears this in mind when writing promotional texts and ads for Italian and foreign brands, big and small. Based on your needs and desires, Dropinka® chooses the right words to achieve your objectives. It has been doing this since 2005 and is not an ad agency, but an independent professional (Claudia Benetello). This offers you a big advantage. You’ll work directly with the copywriter who will implement your projects, so you can count on fast, customized service that meets your expectations.

In addition, Dropinka® can adapt English and German advertising and marketing copy for the Italian market. This service, increasingly in demand on today’s globalized markets, is known as transcreation. Dropinka® also offers cultural consultancy and naming services to foreign companies that plan to enter the Italian market. For radio and television commercials, Dropinka® will direct the voiceover in recording studios. So you don’t need to deal with anything.

What is transcreation? What is its purpose?

When you want to promote your brand internationally, you need to satisfy two different needs: maintaining the meaning and tone of the original message, while communicating in a way that “works” in the target country. People like Claudia Benetello who work in transcreation – a cross between translating and copywriting – have the right tools to help you. She will expertly determine if faithful rendering of your copy will be effective in the target language and culture, and for that market, or if it’s better to come up with something new. Naturally, all of this will respect your brief and the tone you want your brand to convey. Here’s one example.

Claudia Benetello has given presentations and seminars on transcreation since 2012

Claudia Benetello is a copywriter for origination (Italian) and transcreation (from English and German)

Main industries

  • Audio
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer goods
  • Corporate consulting
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Food & beverage
  • Ho.Re.Ca.
  • IT
  • Luxury goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tourism

Three good reasons to choose Dropinka® copywriting and transcreation

  1. Empathy: Dropinka® is immediately attuned to you and your needs. This means words that truly represent you.
  2. Versatility: Dropinka® caters to all your needs, shifting easily and smoothly between different types of copy and industries.
  3. Respect: Dropinka® writes and edits everything independently, but with constant feedback from you. And, naturally, you always have the last word.

Translation and interpreting

Music to your ears.

Translation rhymes with specialization. And that’s unsurprising. Human knowledge is too vast for a translator to be able to handle all subjects professionally. In fact, while we can master our native tongue as well as foreign languages, this won’t take us far if we don’t have in-depth knowledge of the sector we’re translating. Dropinka® is well aware of this and offers language services exclusively for the music industry, backed by solid expertise. Making the most of her experience as a journalist and publicist in the music field, Claudia Benetello (the name behind Dropinka®) offers you translations from English and German to Italian of texts for publications and press offices: books, newspaper and magazine articles, press releases and biographical profiles. Furthermore, thanks to her studies as an English/Italian interpreter, she can help you at meetings, press conferences and other events. This radio interview is an example.

Claudia Benetello is a translator (English ⇒ Italian, German ⇒ Italian) specializing in music

  • Books
  • Press releases
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Biographical profiles

Claudia Benetello is an interpreter (English Italian, Italian English) specializing in music

Consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpreting

  • Press conferences
  • Roundtables
  • Interviews
  • Meetings

Three good reasons to choose Dropinka® for your translation and interpreting needs

  1. Availability: Dropinka® can help you deal with any emergency because you can get in touch by phone or email around the clock.
  2. Specialization: Dropinka® only translates in its specific areas of expertise, to guarantee you top-quality service.
  3. Credentials: Claudia Benetello is a full member of AITI (Italian Translators and Interpreters Association).


Claudia Benetello is a journalist and member of the Italian Journalists Association

Collaborating with various periodicals, including Gioia and Max, she has interviewed artists such as Caparezza, Cesare Cremonini, Elio e le Storie Tese, Francesco Renga, Gogol Bordello, Morgan, Nelly Furtado, Pat Metheny, Scissor Sisters and Simple Minds. In 2015 she launched the online weekly Face The Music. While the magazine is no longer updated, it can still be accessed here.

In June 2015 Claudia Benetello was a guest on BBC Radio 5 Live, commenting with a live phone link-up on the success of British music in Italy. Yep, she said “Il Divo” when she meant “Il Volo”, but you get the gist!

As a journalist – and from 2005 until 2010 also as a publicist – Claudia Benetello has always worked in and around music, but if you like her writing style, she will be happy to help you with corporate communications projects (press releases, company profiles and other information) and brand journalism in different fields.