14 years of success

Claudia Benetello has worked in communications since 2005.
Below you’ll find a list of opinions on her services for copywriting and transcreation, translations and interpreting, as well as journalism.

Copywriting and Transcreation
Translation and Interpreting

Copywriting and Transcreation

  • Following our company’s rebranding, we hired Claudia to collaborate on the transcreation of our corporate brochures. It wasn’t just about translating the copy, but also making it culturally relevant for the intended audience – all the while respecting our corporate identity. Well, she did an excellent job in accurately reflecting our identity, both on a linguistic and conceptual level. We consider Claudia to be a very valuable partner who we will trust with our future projects as well.

    Barbara PerazzoloTechnoform
  • We are extremely happy with Claudia’s translation service. In particular, we appreciated the quality of the texts and her speedy delivery. We hope to work with her again for a number of years.

    Peter RainerAssociazione Turistica Val Senales
  • Claudia is an authentic couturier of communication. In fact, she’s even more than that: like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, in the blink of an eye she tailor-made the perfect “gown” for my web debut. Thank you, fairy godmother!

    Ilana De BonaEcotrad
  • Claudia really knows how to handle foreign-language copy, rewrite in Italian and make it resonate with the target audience. She’s a skilled copywriter and a very efficient one. Highly recommended!

    Christina LeonidouPowersave Solutions
  • Working with Claudia was a real pleasure. She is a skilled, precise and prompt professional. I turned to her for some copywriting for the fashion industry and, despite the little information she was given and the briefs that were not very detailed, she always managed to best interpret the customer’s needs, grasping the essence.
    I hope to collaborate with her again many times and strongly recommend her.

    Arianna MocchettiDteam
  • Sometimes a few choice words are all it takes to clarify the concept that’s whirling around in your head, though you’re not sure how to say it. With simple yet incisive words, Claudia managed to express what our company felt and what it believed in.

    Stefania LovisonComete Gioielli
  • Claudia is a very intelligent and effective copywriter, she really is amazing. I have often had to deal with complex advertising copy – thanks to Claudia’s intervention, I have had many happy clients. She can understand the deep meaning of a sentence and accurately research it, explain it, twist it and repackage it as an effective solution.

    Vincenzo AlbanoMcCann London
  • Claudia is a seasoned professional who is very creative, but she also has all the theoretical tools essential for copywriting and transcreation.
    I attended one of her workshops, which was extremely interesting and useful, but I also had the chance to work with her on a copywriting project (a national radio campaign for a luxury cosmetics brand). Claudia was able to interpret the client’s brief, which was changed several times during the project, and offer various proposals within the established timeframe.
    Needless to say, the campaign was a success!

    Mariapaola Dell’OrtoNetworks
  • I worked recently with Claudia on a difficult project, which she managed swiftly and with great professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

    Philip MurphyContext Content & Copywriting
  • In December 2015 Claudia held a seminar on two afternoons for the Italian-speaking group of Coop’s Language Service at the headquarters in Basel (Switzerland). The course was divided into two phases, one that was theoretical and analytical and the other practical, about translating and writing advertising slogans. We appreciated Claudia for her excellent speaking skills, her professionalism in addressing the various topics and the passion she puts into her work. I am very grateful to Claudia for this valuable opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, which enriched our group.

    Valeria Mazziari RandazzoCoop Genossenschaft
  • Claudia is an excellent copywriter and voiceover director. We have collaborated on numerous radio and TV ads, and I always enjoy working with her. I highly recommend her.

    Renato MorlacchiGecko Adapt
  • Claudia is a true creative professional who exceeds expectations in every area. She is a pleasure to work with, conscientious, consistent, reliable, flexible, knowledgeable about the subject matter, and delivers excellent work – on time, on brief and on budget. Claudia offers a rare synergy of creativity and a deep understanding of branding, advertising and marketing communications. This results in solutions that are right on target and that receive highly positive client approval. When I need Italian copywriting or transcreation from English into Italian for critical jobs and top-tier multinational corporate clients I contact Claudia Benetello.

    Stephen BenfeyCopywriter

Translation and Interpreting

  • I couldn’t have interviewed Roger Waters, the great Roger Waters, without Claudia Benetello. Her translation of the lyrics from the record Is This The Life We Really Want? and then of the interview that Waters gave Jon Pareles of The New York Times was invaluable. The same holds true for the subtitles of my video interview. Claudia is both excellent and meticulous. Plus she’s fast, which doesn’t hurt. Mentioning her in the written interview as well as the one on video, both of which published by Il Fatto Quotidiano, came naturally, the right thing to do. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to next time.

    Andrea ScanziJournalist and writer
  • Claudia in a few words: she perfectly knows English in all its shades, and she always catches the spirit of the translations, being a huge music fans and having a lot of sensitivity.

    Luca FantaconeSony Music Entertainment
  • Claudia translated and interpreted Conchita Wurst’s language and ideas last year when she was in Italy to promote her record and book. She is a really outstanding interpreter.

    Mita GirondaMondadori Electa
  • Music enjoyed some great times in Italy. Many international artists came here to present records, tours and initiatives, surrounded by lots of people, information, encounters and experiences. Claudia was often the (great) interpreter of those interviews, giving reporters and trade journalists a huge hand. I’m happy to remember this today, now that these opportunities don’t arise nearly as often because of the crisis in the record industry. Thanks again, Claudia, for your work as an effective and passionate professional.

    Enzo GentileMusic journalist, writer and critic
  • Claudia perfectly translated the questions the journalists’ questions to one of the most representative figures on the British music scene, as well as his answers, grasping all the different nuances. She was also very open and professional after the interviews, working separately in order to clarify points our colleagues had missed.

    Carlo MandelliANSA
  • Claudia is a highly skilled translator and interpreter and provided our non-profit arts organization with a very fine translation of one of our productions for young audiences. Her professionalism was very clear from the beginning with her presentation to us of a clear time line of how and when the translation would be completed. She also contacted us during this process for clarification of our precise expectations with regards to certain commonly used phrases and words that were different once translated into Italian and that had some varied interpretations. I would highly recommend Claudia to anyone and I look forward to working with her again.

    Peggy HillsChamber Music Society of Mississauga
  • Claudia is a creative and dynamic professional, and very competent in the rock music field. She is punctual and reliable. It is a pleasure to work with her.

    Anna MioniTraduttrice letteraria
  • Anyone who translates our conversations with artists has a fundamental but tricky task. That person needs to follow the thread of the journalists’ discussion (and it’s not that simple). And can’t miss a beat in the interview. With Claudia, I participated in press conferences with hugely popular and often long-winded, complicated and abstruse artists. She was always focused and precise, transforming words that were sometimes meaningless, leading nowhere, into sentences that made sense! That’s the secret of a great interpreter. It was a real privilege to meet her again at roundtables (her colleagues don’t always guarantee the same accuracy).

    Paolo GiordanoIl Giornale
  • I had the pleasure of working with Claudia on an important and delicate project. She was precise, prompt and open, and immediately established an excellent rapport with the artist she was interpreting, which is very important and doesn’t happen every day. We will unquestionably work together again in the future.
    The fact that she is passionate about music and knows exactly what she’s doing when she’s working between artist and journalist is essential and makes a difference, since a translation error can create problems in terms of communication.

    Jessica GaibottiUniversal Music
  • I had the chance to work with Claudia at various press conferences with foreign singers. If you know how to translate but aren’t familiar with the context or the person whose words you’re interpreting, what you’re saying serves no purpose. Claudia always knows all the details about the person in front of her. In our case – talking about music – she knows the singer’s genre, albums titles and all the stages of his or her career. And that’s when the translation definitely works! It has always been (and will be) a pleasure to work with her.

    Francesca BinfarèGiornalista
  • Claudia Benetello translated a CD booklet text as a freelancer for my translation agency from German to Italian. The music was a crossover of Chinese world music and classical music. She did the translation extremely well, showing professionalism in the formal aspects our collaboration, thorough understanding of the source text meaning and delivering exact and stylistically convincing solutions while respecting the deadlines. The client’s feedback came promptly and they were highly satisfied.

    Sebastian Viebahncreativ Übersetzungen


  • Claudia is a quick, sharp, creative and responsible writer and journalist. Always verifies sources. She’s also a nice and cooperative person, a joy to work with.

    Paola MaraoneGioia
  • Claudia is 100% professional, an expert and a person with whom it’s a pleasure to work – a rare quality. A copywriter and translator like her is a key asset for any company and/or organization that wants to take its business to the next level.
    But she is also a passionate and capable journalist who is inspired by her contagious love for the music industry, which she experiences and conveys from a completely personal and special viewpoint – as in Face The Music.

    Andrea ValentiniRockol
  • I worked with Claudia when we both worked for the same magazine and I immediately appreciated her professionalism and her clear, curious and pragmatic writing style, never over the top. With Face The Music Claudia embarked on a path that expresses her passion and experience in the world of music, a fun new and fast format, in keeping with the pace of the Internet. Reading her interviews, you can grasp her vision, her imprint, but the voice is always that of her interviewees – which is no mean feat!

    Elisa BellintaniVertigo