Many years ago, Claudia was very probably the first translator to hand me her “transcreator” business card, and I was more than interested to hear her talk of how she had transcreated the Norton AntiVirus software tagline for the Italian market. Since then I have constantly followed her presentations, talks and publications. Both her content and style convinced me that she perfectly encompassed “the added value” of a competent and creative professional translator. So, I was very fortunate that between her real work she also took the time out to write an excellent article on “the translator plus” for my own peer-reviewed journal Cultus in 2021, where she talks of her own experience adding value to translation and to interpreting. In 2022, at a roundtable we were both involved in, she introduced herself as a communications all-rounder – which is exactly what she is, and still with an unparalleled passion for improving communication.

David Katan

Università del Salento