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“Claudia is an experienced transcreation professional, as well as an eloquent speaker, author and lecturer. I have read some of her articles in English, and have included one of them in a special collection that I guest edited (“Translation in the Creative Industries”, The Journal of Specialised Translation, 29). In November 2018, I invited Claudia to give a workshop and a talk in our Transcreation course at Roehampton. Both these events were very informative and a lot of fun. The students and I benefited immensely from Claudia’s first-hand knowledge of the practice of transcreation.”

Dr Dionysios Kapsaskis
University of Roehampton

“Writing advertising or marketing copy for a specific market, starting from copy written in a source language, as if the target text had been originated in the target language and culture”: this is how Claudia Benetello (that is, Dropinka®) defines transcreation, a service that lies halfway between translating and copywriting.

Also referred to as adaptation, transcreation deals with all texts that have distinctly marketing-related purposes, such as radio and TV commercials, press ads, billboards and brochures. As a copywriter Claudia Benetello creates advertising and marketing texts directly in Italian and as a specialist in transcreation she adapts these kinds of texts from English into Italian and from German into Italian, working closely with both Italian and international creative companies and agencies.

Check out Claudia Benetello’s transcreation portfolio.

Conference speaker and course instructor on transcreation

In 2012 Claudia Benetello was invited to be a speaker at a conference entitled “Transcreation: traduzione e copywriting nel marketing globale” held at IULM University in Milan. Over the following years she spoke on the topic of transcreation at numerous other conferences in Italy and abroad. In addition, in 2013 she began to hold seminars and workshops on transcreation from English and German into Italian.

  • 2019: “The role of transcreation professionals in global advertising”, Translation and Interpreting Responding to the Challenges of Contemporary Society international, Univerza v Ljubljani, Ljubljana
  • 2019: “Beyond translation: Exploring transcreation”, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
  • 2019: “The transcreation of advertisements: Exploring the space between translation and copywriting”, Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa, Napoli
  • 2019: “La transcreation al servizio del marketing internazionale. Seminario teorico-pratico EN>IT”, Napoli
  • 2018: “Transcreation: (re)creating copy for international advertising”, Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies, University of Roehampton, London
  • 2018: “The transcreation of advertisements: Exploring the space between translation and copywriting”, Translating Europe Worksop “Traduzione specialistica, interpretariato e creatività: competenze, strumenti, approcci”, Roma. Watch the video
  • 2018: “Il triangolo sì! Laboratorio pratico di transcreation pubblicitaria dall’inglese all’italiano”, Bologna
  • 2017: “What’s in a name? Defining transcreation as a professional practice”, first international interdisciplinary conference on “Intersemiotic Translation, Adaptation, Transposition: Saying Almost the Same Thing?”, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
  • 2017: “La transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali EN>IT”, Genova
  • 2017: “Tra copywriting e traduzione: la transcreation”, Fondazione Universitaria San Pellegrino, Misano Adriatico
  • 2016: “When translation is not enough: transcreation as a convention-defying practice”, Translation and the Creative Industries International Conference, University of Westminster, London. Watch the video and read the paper
  • 2016: “La transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali EN>IT”, Milano
  • 2016: “Transcreation as Creation of a New Original: a Norton™ Case Study”, Creativity in Translation / Interpretation and Interpreter / Translator Training International Conference, Università Suor Orsola Benincasa, Napoli. Watch the video and read the paper
  • 2015: “La transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali DE>IT”, seminario per l’azienda Coop Genossenschaft, Basel
  • 2015: “La transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali EN>IT”, Trieste
  • 2014: “Tra copywriting e traduzione: la transcreation”, XIII Giornate della Traduzione Letteraria, Urbino
  • 2014: “La transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali”, webinar
  • 2014: “Addio traduzione, benvenuta transcreation: l’adattamento dei testi pubblicitari EN>IT”, Torino
  • 2013: “La transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali EN>IT”, Roma
  • 2013: “La transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali EN>IT”, Padova
  • 2013: “La transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali EN>IT”, Pisa
  • 2012: “Transcreation: traduzione e copywriting nel marketing globale”, Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM, Milano

Read some of the feedback she’s received:

  • I attended more than one of Claudia’s seminars and, given my nature, I never would have signed up for a second one if I hadn’t been more than satisfied with the first. Claudia is an expert copywriter and translator in an industry that’s of great interest to me and is on the rise, at least in my humble opinion. Claudia gets straight to the point, avoids fluff, and delivers to her listeners the experience she’s acquired over years of working in the field of transcreation. I’m happy to have met her, both professionally and personally. Ad maiora.

    Pamela BrizzolaTranslator and interpreter
  • I met Claudia in 2013 during one of her transcreation seminars. I was truly impressed by her professionalism, expertise, creativity and ability to explain the contents in a clear, stimulating manner. When she organized a workshop in 2018 I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by! A wonderful experience. Well done, Claudia! Until next time!

    Fabrizia FossatiTranslator
  • In December 2015 Claudia held a seminar on two afternoons for the Italian-speaking group of Coop’s Language Service at the headquarters in Basel (Switzerland). The course was divided into two phases, one that was theoretical and analytical and the other practical, about translating and writing advertising slogans. We appreciated Claudia for her excellent speaking skills, her professionalism in addressing the various topics and the passion she puts into her work. I am very grateful to Claudia for this valuable opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, which enriched our group.

    Valeria Mazziari RandazzoCoop Genossenschaft

Publications on transcreation

Claudia Benetello is the author of academic papers on transcreation.

Claudia Benetello has been mentioned not only in numerous theses presented at Italian and foreign universities but also in the following publications.

Transcreation 101

Watch some of the presentations Claudia Benetello has given at international conferences.

  • The Transcreation of Advertisements: Exploring the Space Between Translation and Copywriting

    Translating Europe Workshop, SSML Carlo Bo, Roma
  • Transcreation As The Creation Of A New Original: A Norton™ Case Study

    Creativity in Translation/Interpretation and Interpreter/Translator Training, Università degli Studi "Suor Orsola Benincasa", Napoli
  • Intervento transcreation Claudia Benetello

    When Translation Is Not Enough: Transcreation As A Convention-Defying Practice

    Translation and the Creative Industries International Conference, University of Westminster, London

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